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    Family Owned Construction

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    Disney Construction Company is a family owned business based in Powell, TN. Specializing mainly in residential properties, Disney Construction Company builds small residential communities. The company takes a personal approach to every project. Making new houses into homes is always a priority, and we encourage homeowners to customize selected features.

    The team

    Disney Construction Company is a family business owned and operated by Dwight and Andrea Disney. They are supported by a loyal team of highly skilled and professional sub-contractors who share their family values.

    Dwight Disney

    General Contractor

    Alysha Payne

    Design Coordinator

    David Disney


    Mark "Spanky" Emerson

    Project Manager

    Past Projects

    The majority of projects Disney Construction Company works on involve residential properties. We specialize in developing small residential communities with personalized touches in every home including custom cabinetry, countertops, flooring and paint options. However, we have also completed a small number of commercial retail and office buildings in the past.

    Allison Park Condominiums

    Allison Park is a condominium neighborhood of 71 condos. The individual condo’s layouts are based on 5 different floor plans that are custom to Disney Construction. Allison Park was completed in 2001.

    Alysha's Vineyard

    Alysha’s Vineyard is a 103-unit condominium neighborhood located in the Karns community. These condos are available in 7 different floor plans. Disney Construction is currently in its final phase in completing the Alysha Vineyard condominiums.

    Kristin's Gate

    Kristin’s Gate is a condominium neighborhood of 33 condos. The neighborhood is located off Cate Road in the Karns community.

    Macon Crossing Shopping Center

    Macon Crossing Shopping Center is located in Seymour, Tennessee, off Chapman Highway. The shopping center was divided into two phases and was officially completed in 2010. The first phase included 19,500 sq. ft. of retail space with the second phase having 14,525 sq. ft. Macon Crossing offers a variety of retail spaces, including Seymour Pharmacy, restaurants, and many more!

    Liberty Plaza

    Liberty Plaza is a 7,600 sq. ft. retail shopping center, located off Kingston Pike. It was completed in 2016. Liberty Plaza has 7 different spaces available for retail.

    Wesley Ridge

    Wesley Ridge is a 29 lot subdivision located off Pleasant Ridge in Knoxville. The subdivision was completed in 2016, with several different single-family house plans.

    Walker's Auto Collision Lovell Road

    Walker’s Auto Collision has two locations in Seymour off Chapman Highway and in Knoxville off Kingston Pike. Disney Construction helped complete Walker’s in Seymour and later was the overseer of Walker’s on Kingston Pike. Walker’s has been in business for 25 years and upholds a high quality in vehicle repairs.

    Bethany Springs

    Bethany Springs subdivision includes both condominiums and single-family homes. The neighborhood is located in the Halls community off McCloud Road. The condominium phase was completed in 2007. There are several lots still available, and Disney Construction is continuing to make it a premier community.

    A Personal Approach to Every Project

    The Family Owned Construction Company You Can Trust

    Specializing in Homes for Small Residential Communities

    We Don't Just Build Homes - We Build Communities

    Turning New Houses Into Homes
    Small Residential Communities With Personalized Touches

    Dwight Disney